Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Where we are now...

At the end of July this year Chris and I found out we were expecting again.  While we had talked about another baby, Hunter was only 7.5 months old so it was a little earlier than we intended but yet we were happy.  We certainly hoped (and still hope) that it is in God's plan for us for this new baby to be born safely, healthy and that we may bring him home to raise. 

Our due date is April 8th 2011.  A little scary to be paralleling Morgan's pregnancy so closely but overall, so far it's been a lot less stressful than our pregnancy with Hunter.  I think that is in part due to having done this before and in part a deeper trust and faith in God.  I'm a worrier.  It's one of my greatest faults, but I've been able to do a much better job of just giving my worries up to Him this time around than with Hunter. 

The pregnancy started off slightly rocky with some bleeding in August.  Turns out I had a polyp on my cervix so the bleeding had nothing to do with baby, but you can imagine where my mind was going with all the "similarities" to the beginning of our pregnancy with Morgan.  My cerclage was placed early October and we began ultrasounds November 5th.  I decided we were finding out gender (obviously and proudly a boy) because Chris got to choose not to find out with Hunter. 

My November 5th u/s (18weeks gestation) looked wonderful.  They measured my cervix at 6cm!  I was shocked, my cervix had NEVER been 6cm on any other u/s ever.  But I was excited, maybe no bed rest this time?!?  Not so.  Our next u/s at 20w 3d, just 2 days after Morgan's 2nd birthday, showed my cervix to be 1.3cm.  So since November 22nd I've been on bed rest at home.  Luckily we've had family around to help with Hunter and also to help me out so I can stay laying on the couch as much as possible. 

As of today I am 22w 4d and we are hoping and praying to get to at least 24 weeks next Friday.  My appt today indicated things are about the same (by exam only, no u/s) and our next u/s is a week from today.  So stay tuned for the weekly bed rest update as well as some birthday posts!  I can't believe Hunter is going to be 1 year old on Friday!  It's so amazing.  (Hopefully some pictures will accompany those birthday posts!)

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