Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day 9

One day closer to 25 weeks!  Tomorrow is actually the 25 week mark, which means today is the exact gestational age in which I ended up on bed rest with Hunter.  Crazy, considering this time I've been on bed rest for over a month now, and over a week in the hospital.  All seems to be "well" nothing exciting seems to be happening with baby, my uterus or my cervix- which we are very thankful for!

This morning we had Christmas present opening with my Nana & Bapa (my grandma and grandpa) & my sister.  Hunter had A LOT of presents, also a few birthday presents from Nana & Bapa in there.  He got some pretty cool stuff including cars, a very different building set- it's not blocks, but interlocking pieces (sort of look like combs a little), some clothes, books etc.  Nana is quite the shopper.  She shops and shops all year long and has bins of stuff for everyone that she goes through at Christmas time/birthday time.  It's quite the collection of clearance, garage sales, thrift shop finds.  Some of it is great and then some of it is... not so great.  It's totally the thought that counts of course, but I have to chuckle sometimes at what she finds.  Although every now and then she does buy a "new not on sale item" like the electric bread knife that she claims I told her we didn't have (we do, but you never know when you'll need two!).  Anyway, while Christmas definitely isn't about the gifts, it's always fun to see what Nana comes up with every year. 

And that is about all of the excitement in the last 24 hours.  I did get to see Hunter for a little bit yesterday, which was great after not seeing him on Tuesday at all.  And of course he was here this morning too.  Looking forward to tomorrow and Saturday when he'll be up here for longer than just and hour or so. 

Praying that tomorrow's update is again boring!  I'm also praying that I'll be able to truly feel and celebrate the joy of Christmas the next two days, even without going to church or having any traditional Christmas celebration's. It's all about the gift of Jesus- and I hope I can hold that feeling close even during the hours that I'll be alone here in the hospital while Chris and Hunter attend some of the family celebrations that will be going on tomorrow night/Saturday afternoon. 

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