Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 3: Hospital Bed Rest

Well, day 3 was pretty calm and uneventful for Little Brother, my uterus, and my cervix.  An exam by my doc this morning concurred with Tuesday nights exam- so it's pretty much confirmed that at least one part of the stitch has pulled "out."  But it's still "holding" or "attached" in about 3 places and the knots are still where Doc expected to see them.  On Tuesday the other doc said he thought I might be about 1cm dilated but had the nurse put closed in the computer as he didn't really want to push around down there, which is also what my Doc said to the nurse this morning.  So my cramping/contractions of the other day don't seem to have done anything worse.  Today will be my last day with the procardia to keep my cervix relaxed.  Hopefully it will stay "relaxed" on it's own.  24 weeks today!

So in non cervix related news for day 3... I got to see Hunter twice for a total of about 2 hours yesterday.  My sister brought him up for a bit after lunch but he got pretty crabby pretty quickly.  And my sister in law brought him up after dinner (he was in a much better mood too).  I didn't however get to see my husband, looking forward to him and Hunter coming up here this morning though.

I also got to take a quick shower last night which was nice.  Even nicer was knowing that it didn't seem to cause any problems or further issues with my cervix. 

Let's see, what else...  I got a delivery of cookies from the NICU Parent's Board.  They are yummy and beautiful.  I have to keep them away from my reach though or I would eat them all.  But we start checking sugars tomorrow to make sure/find out if the whole gestational diabetes thing starts happening again and I'm kind of afraid that I won't be getting to eat too many of the cookies after this weekend.  My sugars have been fine for the last two months that I've been testing a couple times a day, but the beta shots make them go up and I just feel like they aren't going to come back down.  But we'll see.  That will make food here even more boring! 

I think that's about all.  I'm just going to end with a verse that I've chosen to concentrate on today and my thoughts on it.

"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer."-Romans 12:12 (NIV)

Joyful in Hope... we will continue to have hope for nothing is impossible with God. 
Patient in affliction... patience is a fruit of the spirit I constantly need to work on so God is always giving me opportunities to work on it- like lying in a hospital bed for an undetermined amount of time.
Faithful in prayer...we continue to ask Him for the strength and patience to get through this and for Him to hold us close no matter what the outcome.

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