Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day 14

25w 4d, we are now closer to 26 weeks than 25! Woohoo!

Yesterday there was a little "discharge" that had me concerned.  My Doc was never too concerned but did an exam anyway and didn't find that there was anything "wrong" with what was going on.  My cervix felt the same to him as the last time he checked, pretty much meaning closed.  I was quite reassured by this.  However the exam did cause me to have some cramping last night (it was gone completely when I woke up so I am pretty sure it was just from the exam) and I also had just a little streak of blood this morning- which got me a bit concerned again.  However so far in the past 4 hours I've had absolutely nothing else going on to further concern me so hopefully things will just calm down/stay calm and go back to "normal."

Hunter stayed at grandma & grandpa's last night so Chris and I got to spend a little mommy/daddy time this morning snuggling and watching tv.  We also sort of got to have lunch together, but when it came I was on the monitor and so he had to eat and go to get ready for work, so he was gone by the time I got to eat.

So on a fun note, I feel like talking about little brother's possible names...  Earlier this year (well before I was pregnant) when Hunter and I were shopping I heard a mom talking to her son, a little boy named Gage.  I immediately called Chris and told him I had the perfect name if we were ever blessed with another little boy and he loved it right away too.  However as this pregnancy progressed I started hunting for a different name because we had sort of been set on the middle name Allan, as that is Chris' middle name (spelled Allen) and also his dad's middle name (spelled Alan).  But our last name is Gerard and I'm not really happy with the fact that Gage Allan Gerard = GAG for initials.  Kids can sometimes be cruel and I'd hate for him to be teased at any point in his life because his initials spelled gag.  So after reading him nearly 500 names (maybe more!) including ones I wasn't totally liking- the only other name we both like is Mason.  So for a little while (the past couple of weeks) I've been leaning toward Mason Allan Gerard.  MAG is okay.  But the more I think about the more I want to stay with Gage.  Which means changing the middle name.  So I'm working on convincing Chris that we should name little brother  Gage Christopher Gerard (for Chris) or Gage Steven Gerard (Steven for Chris' dad).  My top pick would actually be Gage James Gerard (for my doctor LOL!) , but Gage James Gerard doesn't sound right together, too many J sounds.  So keep your fingers crossed that Chris ends up okay with a different middle name besides Allan!

Very thankful that we've made it past 25 weeks and we continue to pray for more time for little brother to grow inside before he joins us outside the womb- each day I lay here is a very precious gift- even if sometimes my attitude does not reflect that we feel that way. 

I'm also grateful for all those who read my blog and keep us in their thoughts and prayers!

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  1. Thinking of you today, and hoping that life continues on uneventfully as you rest. I pray that you have a loooooong time to sort out names (i.e., that little brother stays in and grows for many more weeks!)