Friday, December 24, 2010

Day 10

10 days of (hospital) bed rest and now I am 25 weeks!  Very exciting and it also earned me the "party lights" again and just in time for Christmas.  The party lights are a string of lights with flamingo's, fish, parrots and palm tree's on them.  My Doc has this "tradition" of putting them up for his bed rest patients who are going to be here for awhile.  He generally doesn't put them up right away, but the "success" rate of them being lucky in keeping his patients from delivering for awhile is pretty high once he puts them up.  They "worked" with Hunter- we made it from 25 weeks to 37 almost 38 weeks.  So it's a tropical Christmas here in my room.

Nothing exciting to report from the last 24+ hours.  It's really hard for it to feel like Christmas here in the hospital.  But I guess having it feel like Christmas and being super depressed about it could be worse.  Jesus is the reason for the season, but I just can't capture the extra special Christmas joy.  But I'm thankful for where we are just as much as I am thankful for the gift of Jesus.  Hopefully this bed rest will help in that next year we will have to little boys to celebrate with on Christmas and hopefully won't have to be missing Morgan and a brother.  So overall, while I can't quite grasp the Christmas joy, I am for the most part at peace with where we are this year.  Although odds are pretty good that since I'm saying that out loud I'll have a big old emotional breakdown later tonight.  But at least for now I am at peace and am going to work on staying at peace.

Tomorrow's update will probably be just as late in the day as this one as Chris and Hunter are coming up right away in the morning to have breakfast with me and then open presents.  Then my in laws will be coming up late morning for awhile, after which Chris and Hunter will go down by them to eat dinner and bring me back a plate.  So it will probably be mid afternoon before I get on here- just so no one gets overly worried if there isn't an update.  Not that I expect many people be checking my blog on Christmas...  :)

Merry Christmas to everyone.  Praying for a gentle day and comfort for all those missing their little ones, whether it's a new loss or it's been 20 years- Christmas can be an even more difficult time when all our babies aren't here.

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  1. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas. Keep it up Mama, you're doing a fantastic job! (and dh, too!)

    Lilly's Mama