Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 1: Hospital Bed Rest

I'm through my first 24 hours here on hospital bed rest.  I'd like to say things are completely boring but not quite so.  Last night when the on call partner from my Dr's office came by he did do an exam and check my cervix.  Although his "official" report for the nurse to note down was cervix closed, he said he thought I was dilated about 1cm but didn't want to push around too much and that it's seems as though the stitch has pulled away in one spot, which is in line with what my sonographer thought via the ultrasound.  So while it was somewhat expected news, it was still a bit hard to hear.  My night was long with little sleep, which is to be expected considering the events of the day as well as the first night in a hospital bed with different noises etc.  So I'm hoping once my lunch arrives and I get my second beta shot I can take a nice nap.  Anyway, so this morning was also not quite uneventful... around 7am I was feeling fairly crampy so I let my nurse know and she hooked me up to the monitor.  Not long afterwards I starting having contractions.  Ones that were not "intense" enough to be picked up on the strip but yet were very evident to me.  A lot of the "discomfort/tightening" was going on in my back and very low on my belly.  We are hoping it wasn't causing any changes to my cervix but Doc didn't want to go in there again this morning so he just prescribed something (can't remember what it's called) to relax my uterus.  I'm happy to report no more cramping.  Hopefully that continues.  But I was a little of a mess this morning.  I was laying here on the monitor, feeling the contractions, listening to KLOVE and just trying to give it all up to God.  Your will be done was one of the things I just kept thinking/saying over and over, but I was still getting pretty teary.  As soon as the resident came in to check on me I just busted out crying.  Then my wonderful doc came in and I started crying again.  Lack of sleep + the numbness of yesterday wearing off I guess.  But really it all comes down to His will.  Not a thing I can do myself except trust in him.  Of course I pray for baby to stay put, to be born weeks and weeks from now, to come home healthy and grow up with his big brother, but I always have to end or start those prayers with "should it be Your plan/will."  And I have to remind myself not to worry or be anxious.  Really trying to concentrate on Philippians 4:6.

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  1. A stranger here is praying for you, too. May you continue to trust in God's will as you wait.