Saturday, December 11, 2010


November 20th 2010 was Morgan's 2nd Birthday & Heaven day.  So to celebrate and remember her we did a balloon release down by Lake Michigan.  I also wanted to write her name in the sand but it ended up being really cold and windy so we just let our balloons go and then left.  Here are a few pictures from the balloon release.  

After our balloon release we went for lunch at Schlotzky's Deli- yum.  Usually we go to Thunder Bay Grille because that is where we ate the morning after Morgan's funeral but Little Brother Mama was craving Schlotzky's. :)  And on the way home we stopped for Morgan's flowers- some pink Lilies this year.  We've been trying to buy Daisies but nice daisies in November are hard.  So I think from now on we are going to go with lilies.  Some of our friends actually sent lilies to us in the hospital.  After we arranged the lilies in a vase at home Chris said, "It smells like our hospital room did."  So I think lilies it will be. 

Then it was off to church where we were joined by our sister in law, niece, nephew and my sister.  It was pretty cool to see that we were all wearing our March for Babies team shirts that say "In Memory of Morgan Marie" on the back.  I thought it was very nice of my sister and sister in law to think of wearing them.  After church we decided to invite our sister in law and the kids back to our house for pizza and to have Morgan's cake.  Initially we weren't sure we'd want extra company, but the day wasn't super depressing.  We miss her so very much of course but that intense "end of the world" grief is gone.  

I decided on an angel food cake this year and made one completely from scratch. (It was fantastic if I do say so myself!)  We had it with whipped cream and strawberries (hence the no frosting on the pictures) but used a little icing to write on the plain cake. 

And then yesterday was Hunter's 1st Birthday!  His cake and ice cream birthday party is actually tomorrow, but I had to share a few pictures from his official birthday.

The first picture where he is 1.  Okay it probably wasn't the first picture, but the best of that series I took.

 Then his Gramma (my mom) took him outside to play in the snow for the first time.  She got him a new sled and they did play with that for awhile, but Daddy was upstairs napping so he didn't get a picture of that.

Getting ready- "Look at my cool camouflage mittens!"  or maybe he's saying "Enough pictures Mama!"

All ready to go play- so excited!

And finally in the snow!

He and Gramma tried to build me a snowman out the window where I'm laying but the snow was not packy enough. 

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