Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hospital Bed Rest

Today's u/s did not bring good or reassuring news.  Instead it has landed me a stay at one my favorite but yet least favorite places.  I love this hospital, it's great, the staff is great, but I don't like having to come here for more than just delivering a baby!  However, this is now where I reside again for awhile.  My cervix is down to .5 cm/5 mm.  And the sonographer today said she thinks the cerclage has pulled away.  Currently I've not been checked down there by a doctor or anything, because they don't want to disturb anything- but it's seems possible I'm even dilating already  (this is me guessing, not anyone saying anything concrete).  I received one shot of steroids for little brothers lungs with the second going to happen tomorrow.  I'm 23w 4d.  We are praying for little brother to stay put for many more weeks, but realistically I feel that we will be having a premature baby.  I just don't know how premature.  I hopeI'm wrong but... only God knows his plans for us, for this baby, and I fully trust that whatever happens He will get us through it. 

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