Sunday, December 26, 2010

Day 12

Still here!  :)  Not that there is anything I know of happening that would give me any indication that I may deliver soon (as in no cramping contractions etc) but I'm happy to be past Christmas, at least I know this won't be a Christmas baby!  Now I'm looking forward to it being 2011 so that I know I won't have a 2010 baby. 

Nothing really exciting to report... My sister came up to the hospital for a few hours yesterday evening, finished hooking up my Wii and then played the New Super Mario Brother's with me for awhile.  So that helped pass the time until Chris and Hunter got back up here.  They didn't stay super long, as Hunter need to go home and go to bed, but at least they made it back up here. 

On a slightly sad note, sometimes when Hunter is really tired/crabby- he now wants nothing to do with Mama- only his daddy.  It made me cry last night and even now again as I write about it.  Chris tried to put him on the bed with me several times last night and all Hunter did was cry/scream and reach for his Daddy.  Sad Mama. 

Praying for lots of strength to get through this.  After nearly two weeks in the hospital and almost 5 weeks of total bed rest- it's starting to wear on me, on my emotions a little more each day.  But I know God is good and He will get me through it- and some way use it for a purpose. 

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  1. i'm sure being in the hospital is hardest during the holidays. sending you wishes for strength.

    my parents also do not mention my twins who didn't make it in their count of grandchildren. sometimes it does hurt when i'm there to hear it, but then usually i don't get into explaining their whole story either when a stranger asks me how many children i have. i guess it just depends on the situation.

    stay strong...i know missing hunter must be very wearing but you are doing a great job.