Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 7: Hospital Bed Rest

Well, I've made it a week so far here at the hospital.  I hope I'm not boring any readers with (almost) daily updates, but I don't have a whole lot to do here so at least it passes some time for me! 

So tonight is the RTS Bereavement program's Christmas Memorial service here at the hospital.  Unless something dramatic changes (contractions, cramping, bleeding etc) I'm going to be attending via wheelchair.  My Doc (Dr. L) had said last week that I could go pretty much no matter what- but I wasn't overly sure I was comfortable with going after yesterday's ultrasound.  Doc called last night (on his day off! how is that for a wonderful doctor??) to find out how my ultrasound went and my nurse came in and told me he was still okay with me going down to the memorial service.  So I felt somewhat more comfortable with going after hearing that from him, but decided that I would ask whichever of the partners was rounding this morning to take a look at my cervix just to make sure I'm not dilated or have membranes visible.  Well in the process of asking the dr this morning to do that, she led me to believe that the peri's thoughts were that I was dilated and membranes were "visible" based on the ultrasound.  So of course I was super confused seeing as how Dr L was so okay with me being up in a wheelchair for an hour or so and also because this was news to me, no one mentioned anything about dilation and yesterday's on call doc had said they really considered the u/s to show "no change."  Needless to say there were a few tears on my part and we finally concluded that the on call doc would take a look, but was not going to "feel" my cervix.  Which was fine by me, and I think she thought I was upset she wouldn't do a full exam.  So after taking a look, she said my cervix looks closed, no visible membranes.  She then pretty much read word for word the peri's report from yesterday which said he did not believe the cervix was open or membranes were "bulging."  So now I'm not sure if I completely heard what she said wrong or if she actually said the opposite of what was true, but in conclusion, my cervix is closed and I'm going to the memorial service.  Part of me is still pretty nervous, but in addition to her exam she got Dr L on the phone.  He and I talked and he assured me that I should go, that he was completely comfortable with me going, and the likelihood of an hour up in the wheelchair being a "make or break" situation was very slim. 

The only other excitement to my day was Chris and I were able to have a "date morning."  Hunter is going to grandma's on Monday's & Tuesday's- therefore he spends the night.  So we snuggled in (the hospital) bed, watched Fireproof then ordered room service up for lunch before he had to leave to go to work.  We both of course missed our little monkey, but since he wasn't home, we took advantage of the mommy daddy time.  Which was especially good for Chris because he is finding "single parenthood" to be quite challenging.   He generally refuses to give up any of his off time with Hunter, even though I encouraged him to try to find someone to watch Hunter for a couple of hours over the weekend so Chris could just relax for a short time. He's such a dedicated dad, which is great, I just am concerned with his mental and emotional health sometimes. He's really doing so much with working, taking care of Hunter, taking care of the house, running up here to the hospital with Hunter to see me, keeping me supplied with the things from home I need etc.  So it was good for him to have a break- and get a full nights sleep last night as well. 

Well, here we go- on to week two of bed rest, Christmas in the hospital (boy am I going to miss going to church on Christmas Eve, I look forward to that service all year long!), and hopefully on to 25+ weeks of pregnancy!

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