Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Day

We had Gage baptized yesterday.  Chris was raised Catholic and even though I think we both would consider our non denominational church our "main church" the one thing he can't quite "get past" is infant baptism.  So when it came time to make the decision about our children and baptism, we compromised and decided we would go to both a Catholic church and our non denominational church.  So yesterday evening the priest from our Catholic church came and baptized Gage.  We were allowed to break the visitor rule and most of Chris' family got to be there.  His older brother and sister in law didn't get to be there because we didn't know we would get to have so many people in with us and they took Hunter for the night. 

This morning brought with it some good news, some hope in the fact that after yesterday's blood transfusion Gage's blood count is up.  While this doesn't tell us anything for sure, it's a good sign in the right direction of the brain bleeding stopping.  His nurse today said he's scheduled for another ultrasound of his head on Monday.  The doc had said Friday, so I'm not sure which it is going to be.  In other Gage news they suctioned out a lot of gunk from his vent tube this morning.  He was pretty "congested."  Also his sodium is down so he'll be getting some sodium today as well.

This is not my favorite start to a New Year- my youngest son in the NICU, my oldest son being away from us for yet another night and more to come.  My mom is coming down to meet Gage now and will be taking Hunter home with her for a week or so.  Chris and I were able to stay in one of the NICU boarding rooms last night and hope to be able to stay another couple of nights at least, but since we really aren't that far from the hospital if they need the room for someone else we will of course go home.  It's nice to be staying up here so we can come and go easily and quickly.  If we need to lay down or what not we can.  And I can easily pump as they even provide a pump.  We can pop in and sit with Gage for a few minutes at a time if need be, and even in the middle of the night if we are up. 

Chris and I went and got some dinner last night and were talking about the why.  I don't know if we'll know why here on earth, but I truly believe no matter what, that God will use this experience in our lives for His good.  It might be hard to see, especially if/when the news is not good news, but I continue to believe God is good no matter what. 

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  1. Praying tonight, Anna. May God give you the peace and strength you need.
    love you friend,