Friday, January 21, 2011

Days go by...

Yesterday was 26 months since Morgan was born.
It was also 26 months since Morgan died.

If I was still pregnant today would've been 29 weeks gestation. 

If Gage was still alive he would've been 24 days old.

It's been 2 weeks since Gage died. 

Hunter is 13 months and 11 days old. 

Combined total of 84 weeks and 1 day of pregnancy (determined by ultrasound dating) during 3 pregnancies.

1 living child.

But it's not forever.  This sorrow is not forever- even though some days it feels that way.  I know from Morgan that over time the pain gets less intense.  And I know because of Morgan that the Lord will do good things with Gage's short life.  He will bring new people into our lives (and already has), friendships we have will get closer  and my one greatest hope, wish, dream and prayer is that maybe somehow through Gage's life and death at least 1 person will come to know Jesus and accept Him into their life.  I couldn't do this without Him.    

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  1. Yes, days go by and time ticks on while your world has stopped in its tracks. I've often wondered what people do, and how they get through times like these, without the love and hope that Jesus brings. It blows my mind because I know I wouldn't have made it without Him. Praying for continued peace and comfort during these hard, hard days.

    Love and hugs,