Sunday, May 15, 2011

Quick Prayer Request

So I totally have to find time to write a good long update post but for right now I just have time to ask for a quick prayer request for some good friends from church...  They are currently about 26.5 weeks pregnant and have been in the hospital since Thursday because she has been contracting.  At first they weren't changing her cervix but some strong ones last night now have her dilating a bit.  They have put her on a med to try to stop the contractions but while we were leaving from visiting her tonight she was having a few again- only 3 hours after her most recent dose of the medication.  They are at the same hospital where we delivered our babies.  I'm hoping that God's will might include at least a few more weeks for their little boy to grow bigger and that it's His will they never have to know the pain we (and many of you readers) have had to go through by saying good bye.  I want them to be the "happy ending" the "things were scary but it all worked out and here is our little miracle" story.  But of course in the end only He knows and I know that He works for the good- even in the bad times.  But still I pray He allows this little one to stay on earth with his parents and become Hunter's little friend and such.  But I'm also requesting prayers for strength and patience and comfort through whatever may come for them- especially (and hopefully!)  if it turns into a long bed rest (which they would welcome happily to keep baby growing as long as possible). 

Thank you blog world friends. 


  1. I will pray for them. We pray for you too. All the time.