Thursday, March 24, 2011

Meeting my 6 day old niece tonight...

I'm very excited to be going to meet my new niece tonight.  I'm so incredibly happy for my brother and his girlfriend.  Just from Facebook and phone communication I can tell my brother is so in love with his daughter (as is his girlfriend of course).  He's such a proud happy daddy. 

I want to enjoy my niece and focus on her and her parents and their joy.  But I know it will be impossible not to miss my babies as I cradle the sweet weight of my newborn niece in my arms.  In my mind and heart 8 months ago, I imagined our new babies growing up very close in age.  Of course that isn't to be.  The last thing I want to do is make this visit sad- though I already warned my brother, my tears would not mean I'm not happy so hopefully they will understand a few tears if they come. 


  1. Anna,
    I hope everything went o.k.. We lost our Tyler almost 10 months ago, and I feel blessed that I haven't had someone so close to me have a baby that I felt that I would need to go visit them. I am in pain for you, although I know at the same time you are very happy for them. We have several people that I was pregnant with that we know, and we are now watching their babies grow up. It is very hard, but I am starting to look at them as little windows(gifts)as to what our Tyler would be doing. At least I don't have to wonder. Thinking of you often,

  2. Anna,

    I'm so, so sorry about your beautiful Gage. I am just now seeing this terrible news and wanted to reach out. I remember our coinciding days on bedrest with Hunter and Severin, our rainbow babies, and I can't believe you've had to endure another loss. The world can be so cruel. Sending much love and peace to you.