Sunday, November 20, 2011

Morgan's 3rd Birthday

Wow, it's been a long time since I posted here.  I know there have been a couple half finished posts that I just gave up on, the words just never sound right.  **shrug** And I've become enamored with crafting and craft blogs so plenty of my online time is taken up with reading craft blogs (I even started one- not that I've posted much there either- I'm just not a good blogger I guess) and browsing Pinterest.  But in honor and memory of Morgan's birthday here I am.  Missing her, looking forward to the day I meet her again in Heaven.  We sure didn't get to do anything in memory of her today.  My grandma has luekemia and while she seemed to be doing well for the past few months, we found out on Monday it was back.  So Hunter & I spent the week up north with her and Chris met us up there on Friday.  So today was a day of saying goodbye and traveling.  So we didn't even get to do anything in her memory- though I think spending all the time I can with my Nana was the best course of action and I don't regret it- I'm still sad we didn't do anything special for her.  And to make matters worse I feel like she has been totally forgotten.  Only one person in our family called to say they were thinking of us today.  And I was with a lot of my family all day and still none of them acknowledged that today was her birthday.  :(  It hurts to think we are the only ones who remember her.  But at least we know she's safe in Jesus' arms.  Look forward to the day I join her there!

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