Tuesday, June 7, 2011

5 months gone & a prayer request

It's been 5 months since I held Gage in my arms and said goodbye.  I hate that the only time I got to really hold him close to me was while we were saying goodbye.   It still feels very dream-like.... as if he was only in my imagination.  I still can't figure that out.  It sure didn't feel dream like when Morgan died.  Boy I miss him.... them...

I'd like to request all you blog world friends to pray about something completely unrelated to Gage or Morgan...  My sister in law and brother in law are really struggling in their marriage these days.  To be honest- they've been struggling for awhile.  One positive thing is they've been attending a new church.  It's my hope that they both benefit from this new church and develop a strong relationship with Jesus which will in turn help them so much (well at least I think it will) in overcoming their relationship struggles.  In addition I'm praying (and hoping you all can add this request too) that our family would become more compassionate/supportive of them.  Right now there seems to be way more frustrations coming from everyone about it than compassion.  Some of the family is "tired" of having family gatherings "ruined" by the "drama" their tensions bring.  It's hard for me to see this/hear this. I know I'm so not perfect and that I get frustrated with some of the family drama too but it just hurts to see them going through this and then having to feel as though they "ruining" things.  I can only imagine that they are both hurting so much, for I know how I feel when Chris and I have pretty minor conflicts/fights and it just sucks... but to think of how I would feel if most of my days were that way... **sigh**   Thanks to anyone who can help pray for them. 

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  1. Sending up prayers for them. Marriage is hard work, but we know with God in the midst it is a blessing. My husband and I had to attend counseling when we hit a rough patch. Praying for them and understanding from your family members.